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We are a independent brand & design atelier based in Indonesia. The name is of Latin origin, meaning powerful.

In our modest atelier, we foster a culture of authentic expression, experimentation, optimism and learning. Through Sherlock-worthy research, meticulous planning, and novel approach to design, we make it our mission to impart powerful design solution that adds meaningful value to our client's business, empowering their brand. And we don’t measure our work by the parametres of the project but by the parameter of process.

For us, truly fulfilling work has always been about trust, mutual respect and having each others best interests at heart. This is why we strive to establish open, honest relationship with our clients throughout our global-scale affairs in brand + identity.


in simplicity we trust



Our clients comes from private company and small-big variant projects accross the world. Our clients range from luxury brand, coorporation, architects & interior design, real estate, property, bread shop, pâttisarie, hotel & mall, fashion store, retail, restaurant, cafe & bistro


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Due to certain Non Disclosure Agreement, some projects & clients name can not published.



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International Print & Publications

2012, SendPoint - International Publisher

2013, Dopress Books - International Publisher

2016, RHED - International Publisher

2016, CTA Vol. 3  - International Publisher

2017, DPI Magazine- International Publisher

2017, Gallery | The World's Best Graphic issue 38



National Talk Conference Speaker

2012, Petra Christian University, Indonesia

2013, Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia


International Talk Conference Speaker

2014, ASEAN Creative Talk Conference, Thailand

2016, CTA, Taiwan


International Design Exhibition

2012, Smile - Poland

2018, CTA - Hidden Gems - Taiwan






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Illustration Served

Desain Grafis Indonesia

Grafis Masa Kini


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